Would a girl friend zone a guy when she is going though a very rough time that she wants to date later on?

So a girl I have been talking too for months that was pretty interested in me, got very distant and acted like she wasn't interest. This was after hearing some bad news about a family member not having much longer to live and starting to work full time for a job she hates. She also has always seem insecure about herself and said she has issues since I met her, but she has never told me them. She is 27 so I think she is past playing games. She basic pulled a 180 from the week before and really stopped talking, blowing of some of my texts, not wanting to go on dates. She was asking me on dates the week before.

After a couple weeks of this, we got talking about things. She told me she likes me a lot, but just want to be friends. Then I said something about dates and she said she hasn't had the time lately and that I don't want to know what is going on in her head. So figuring she wants nothing to do with me, I said sorry for misinterpreting things. Which she responded with saying it is that or that she has changed. I told her to stay in touch, and that was about it. Figuring it was over.

So after a few weeks of no contact she starts liking stuff I posted on Facebook, which she never did before. Then a week after that I liked a post she made and later that night she messaged me hoping I was doing well. We talked for a bit, when it ended she told me to text her sometime. She texted me the next day asking how my day was, I told her I treated myself to a movie and a good meal. She that asked why I didn’t invite her, kind of flirty like. I responded saying I didn't think she wanted to hang out. She said you should have asked.

I would really like to get to know this girl more! I am still very interest in her. So is this girl trying to reconnect after she had time to think about things? Maybe with dating in mind or just as friends?


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  • Yeah. It could be

    • I am kind of thinking that, but I really don't know. The week before this all happen she was pretty interested in dating. She was even asked me on a date that week, which she had to cancel because worked called her in. Which I could see she was very disappointed.

      When she heard the news about her family member she just shut down to me. She always said she was sorry about not getting back to me during this time, but really didn't seem to want to talk to me at all.

      I think it is a good sign. The one time I show interest in liking her post on Facebook after weeks of not talking, she messages me trying to talk again. Plus the way she said I should have invited her to the movie and dinner I went to. Which I see as a date.
      I just going to see where it goes I guess, not getting my hopes up. I think I am going to ask her if she wants to hang out this week. Not going to bring up the date word just yet. Figured I should be able to tell what is happening in person a lot better then over text

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    • Just give her a chance.

    • Yeah I am going to, probably just setting myself up for disappointment, but all well. Just having a hard time figuring out what her interest level is.

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