He ignores my texts, then blames me?

I went out with this guy a couple of times. He was very shady in his texting, like starting conversations with me then suddenly disappearing for days at a time. He would then reappear out of nowhere, acting like nothing happened. He also blatantly ignored a few of my texts, which was so rude.

He wanted to keep seeing me, but I told him no because of how he had been acting via text. He told me that when he ignored my texts, I should have KEPT TEXTING HIM TO MAKE SURE THAT HE WAS OK!! He would NOT admit to being rude, and instead placed the blame on MY shoulders that I should have chased after him, making sure that nothing had happened to him!

Is this guy insane?


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  • Yeah, he's insane. Block him and don't contact him again.

    • He seems oblivious to how he contributed to the problem. Like he's perfect and everyone should run around catering to him. I am not his mother.

    • Yeah, he sounds like a dick. He's not worth your time.