Did I just get put in the friend zone?

So I met this girl that I really like. We have the same interests and that can be hard to find for me. She just got out of a relationship two months ago and is constantly texting, calling, snapping etc. I've only met her twice and the first time we met she drove 3 hrs to see me in the ICU after a motocross accident. We cuddle, holds my arm and hand in public but she won't even kiss me. Say's she wants to be friends first because she didn't feel like her last boyfriend really "knew her". I'm not used to this, and just don't want to be the guy she just vents to you know? What should I do?


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  • Rome Nor Love was Built in a day, @simply_honest and from where I m sitting, this wise ol owl sees that you both have this Great chemistry and amazing connection, where she is even somewhat eating out of your hand When... She drove 3 hours to see me in the ICU after a motorcycle accident.
    She is taking her time, trying to slowly Nurse and nurture something special here, dear, cautious in her own way with each given day, that she doesn't wear her heart too quick on her sleeve in case you decide To... Leave.
    Follow her own lead. She appears to have a good smart head on her shoulders. She is just getting 'Out of a relationship two months ago,' and doesn't want to shoot herself in the female foot by planting a wet one too Fast and perhaps feeling she could end up getting her heart broken. She is scared to get attached at this moment in time, even though you probably are the Best from the Rest.
    Let her continue to see how honest and understanding you are so far. She likes what she sees, is making this concerted effort on her own free will right now, and with the writing on the wall and all, you both just might be in a potential partnership down the Road to Recovery And... Discovery before you know it.
    Take your time, go slow with the flow. Relationships often are 'Best' when starting off as "Friends first," and this is her way of not 'Vents to you know,' but wants to Show... That she is serious in getting to know you and letting Mother Nature take it from there if it is meant to be.
    At the moment, I believe she sees a Great... Patient patient.
    Good luck. xx

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    • Can I not give you a point or whatever when you reply to a reply?

    • lol.. I am polite :)) xxoo

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  • This isn't what idiots refer to as The Friend Zone, it just means she wants ot get to know you before turning the relationship into a romantic one.

  • If she said she wants to build an intimate trustful relationship before adding the romantics then i think it's safe to say she likes you just give her a little while.


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  • She's just wanting to take things slow, wise if you are just out of a breakup. Don't pressure her or you'll lose her for good.

    She sounds like she likes you a lot, so just try to be a good, safe friend. No guarantees that she'll ever want to be more, but there never ARE guarantees.

    • Dang, this sites not bad eh? Great people, thanks for being one. Helps a bunch! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

  • If she says she wants to be friends, your just a guy she'll treat like a boyfriend without the sexual intimacy until the next guy comes into her life. When that happens, she'll cut you out.