How do I move on?

This girl was the only one that I really even cared to talk to. She was the only one that ever liked me as well. She ended up talking to me for awhile but now ignores me. I am pretty sure it has to due with me not showing the right amount of attention. Not too sure, but I just don't know how to really feel or proceed. My mind just keeps on insisting of rolling around and thinking of her. Again I just don't know how I even feel about anything. Don't know which way to go.


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  • Hmm if you neglected to give her the amount of attention that she deserved in the first place, will you be able to not repeat the same mistake twice? Also, you do have to consider the idea that she may want nothing to do with you. We women don't take lightly of our pain.

    • My apologies I did not convey what I meant. I gave her attention, it just wasn't the correct kind. Nothing bad it was just that in my anxiousness I regetably did not convey my feelings for her well. I have considered the idea that she wants nothing to do with me, and that is possible. I guess what hurts me most is that either way it was my fault in the end.

  • Two things.
    You still remember her. And you still talk about her.
    That means you still like her.

    • That is true. It is that she has ignored me for some time on and off again. I just don't know if that's her way of saying something or just her going through something. I mean she liked me when we first started talking, but now I don't know.

    • You can aways talk to her

    • True I could give it another try I suppose.

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