Girls, are lips like penises? Do you prefer them thick?

Do you like thick/fat lips or slender delicate ones on a man?

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Are white guys at a disadvantage?

If you have a preference for thick/thin lips is it an aesthetic preference or does one feel better to kiss?
Any other opinions? Girls what's your preference?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Thick fat juicy lips
    No, white guys aren't at a disadvantage
    I've seen some with plump lips

    • But most of us don't have them.

    • So you would be less attracted to a guy with typical white guy lips? (Barely 1cm thick)

    • Based on looks alone, yes
      I would opt out on the spaghetti lips. Mine are a bit larger and more plump, so I wouldn't want to kiss thin lips. I would feel like I'm devouring him.

What Guys Said 1

  • I prefer thin lips on women, but I still wanna know she has lips, so not too thin.