What is this feeling called? I feel this way when it comes to dating but I don't know what it's called. Any ideas?

I know that I'm not commitment phobic because I'm usually the girl that wants the commitment

But I have been met so many disrespectful men and when I use to reveal that I loved a guy he would always hurt my feelings

Well I have had really bad luck when it comes to men and I don't really trust men and I'm actually seeing a counselor so I'm not looking for advice just a label to what I'm feeling

I feel that one day I may want to date again, but I'm not talking to any guys and I really am not in the mood to date as recently I met a guy some months ago who verbally abused me

Anyways I don't want to get my feelings hurt again and sometimes I wonder what would happen if I did decide to start dating again

I wonder if I will just end up liking a guy who shows his true colors and Is an asshole

I really am tired of dealing with the same shit and drama when it comes to men. Like I really had enough of it.

Like I said I don't want to date or talk to any guys right now but I still feel like if I meet a guy who turns out to be an asshole I'll lose it and go crazy because I already have a short temper

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  • Burnt out?

    • Why did you put a question mark at the end
      Are you not sure either?

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    • Wtf that anon guy above copied your answer word for word and he used the same punctuation too

    • Haha I don't know but maybe this means I should win MHO for this question. ;)

      It is amazing to me how people are so lazy they often post without reading the other comments to see if the thing they intend to say hasn't already been posted. I guess I can understand sometimes when comments number in the hundreds and most of them say the same basic thing (e. g. Facebook), but WTH, I was probably the ONLY comment when he said the exact same thing, and my comment was two words. I can't look past two words by themselves without reading them! LMAO

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  • Burnt out?

    • Why did you copy the other guy's answer?

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    • NO, we mostly say burned but I prefer the British way, which is why I did not say burned. Why are you so critical? we both agreed, this is your consensus, so this must be the answer.

    • Why are you copying other people's opinions?

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  • I think you should stop judging all the guys you encounter. Some guys are actually nice. You seem to have a lot of anger which must mean you probably dated/liked a guy/guys that were not nice people. Try meditating to relax. Do an activity that keeps your mind calm. Focus on yourself. When you are ready to date you will be ready to take the chance to date.
    A reason I commented on your question was because you remind me so much of my friend who says the same things. By coincidence she also has an account on GaG.
    I wish you luck.

    • I was not looking for advice I'm seeing a therapist I just wanted to know what the feeling I called but thanks anyways

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    • Umm suggestions and advice are not the same thing.

    • Hopefully one day you will learn the difference