Was this guy interested/flirting? Should I add him on fb?

So the other day I was out shopping at my local supermarket and I know that this guy from my school works there still, I remember him even though we graduated about 6 years ago and I've seen him a couple of times.
Even when we were in college I always thought he was kinda cute even though I didn't ever talk to him really.
This day when I went to the supermarket he was there again and from a distance we made eye contact and he held it for a little while which was good... my heart was racing and I knew it was him.
Then later on the shop was almost closing and all of a sudden I see him walking around and it sorta saw me out of the corner of his eye and I think he deliberately walked down the other side of the aisle I was in to get a trolley, looked at me and smiled, then I smiled back haha.
Why would he do all this? I know he has Facebook but Im not sure if it would be weird to add him or not... any help?


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  • when's the last time you went out of your way to smile at someone you didn't like?


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  • He could have been flirting but is it possible he was looking at you because he was trying to remember where he knows you from? In six years you can forget where you know someone from.
    I have had that happened a couple times.


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  • Go ahead and add him. Then leave it at that and wait for him to respond or message you.


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