What are the basic rules for dating?

Hey don't date much if any. What are the rules? Do you date more than one at a time? Do any of them know each other? I don't do the harem thing but it always seems like every guy I know now has a harem of girls? I find it defeating when they all flirt with a dude at once. At what point should I be offended? Do most people try to keep ther dates apart till the decide who they want to be with? What's the guy side of this? Girls how do you meet dudes? What's your view? any reading sugestions?


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  • what are the rules?
    there are no rules but its common cortesy to stick with one person when dating.

    do you date more then one at a time?
    personally no I stick with one person.

    do any of them know each other?
    like I said one person

    at what point should I be offended?
    you shouldn't feel offended. You should play it smart if a guy is dating a lot of women your putting your body at risk for stds, etc. etc.

    the rest is self explanatory.

    • Thanks that's neat to hear from a guy. I guess I just live in a really open area. Every dude I know has like a lot of girls they date at once. Makes me not want to try. So thanks for your input.

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