Why do girls get so nervous to meet up on dating apps/sites?

I was talking to this girl on Tinder, like most girls on there, she didn't seem to be the kind to hook-up. She's pretty cool and I can tell we're into a lot of the same things (music, movies, tvs, books, etc.). So after a couple of days of talking I did my usual "Hey, we should get a drink sometime" and she didn't respond the next time she logged in. So I was thinking she thought I only wanted sex because we would just be drinking, therefore I followed up with "... or get dinner somewhere or something" and then she replies with "Oh, that sounds nice! :)" and then I'm like "Alright, so dinner then?" then she does the thing were girls are too afraid to confront the situation, so she doesn't log in for an entire day and then eventually when she does she doesn't respond.

Why are girls like this? What are you so afraid of? I don't IMMEDIATELY ask to go on a date, but I'm not going to talk to you for a week through these stupid little things. I've had girls who I was getting along with just fine immediately block me for asking them to go on a date. I remember when I went out on a date with a girl we were talking about it and she was like "Don't you just get... you know, really nervous before you go like you don't want to meet?" We're just meeting each other in public for an hour, they act like it's some big job interview.

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  • I had used tinder and I cancelled my account a week ago. I understand how girls feel but why to use tender if they don't want to go out. I always feel like I'm the bad girl because I met couple guys from tender and they told me the same thing. They said girls don't go out. They just keep chatting forever.

    • So stupid, why bother talking to guys on there if you're never going to meet them eventually?

    • exactly. This is why I felt like I was the only one who goes out! It is so stupid how both males and females think of online dating. I felt one guy thought I was too easy because I went out with him. He even said it. He said he has been using tender for eight months and I was the first girl that went out with him!

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  • Many girls just use it to boost their ego, because they're bored, or just to laugh at guys. I've had girls that were down to meet but when it came the day to meet up they either didn't respond or said they were lying about wanting to meet up.

    Other girls are afraid they may get hurt by the guy.

    • Yeah, there are girls like that on there, but she definitely doesn't come off as an Instagram narcissist just on there for an ego boost. She's more on the artsy end, and most of those girls that I've gone after on there that are like that fall under the description I wrote.

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  • i think she's afraid you might be a creeper... i mean there's tons out there on dating sites and apps... & by creeper i mean fake profile

    • Nah, I linked my instagram account on there to show it's legitimate. I didn't say anything sexually suggestive, we just talked about our jobs and interests.

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    • Hmm, I suppose.

    • watch catfish if you dont believe me haha. some crazy people out there

  • They're nervous because they don'y know who's the person they're going to meet. Maybe that's a regular nice guy, and maybe it's a psychopath. You never know.

  • The girls I know just use tinder as an ego boost. On the other hand I met my boyfriend on pof.

  • Lol that sounds pretty strange. Girls are weiiiird


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