She's mad at me, what's wrong with her? Am I being played?

On our 2nd conversation I kinda made her uncomfortable when I asked to drop her to class and she politely denied but I kept insisting anyway, so she just ran away. I was upset at first but still I wanted to talk to her, but from there on, everyday after class she would just disappear, I would then text her where she is and she made excuses like studies blah blah, once she bluntly replied "Do you need something?" which was kinda hurtful cause I just wanted to have a friendly conversation. Anyways, after trying for a week to talk to her but she just ignored me, today I stopped. As I didn't text her today asking where she is (as I usually do), she texted me asking where I'm. I replied that I left and she didn't respond for like an hour. After an hour she changed the topic to a math problem she's having and a few minutes later she says I could have stayed and help her with the issue. She was being on-and-off, she sees my messages but doesn't respond for a few minutes (kinda ignoring I guess), i. e, she's giving me the signal that she's mad at me. But does she have any right to be mad as she was the one avoiding me at the first place and now when I've moved on she's angry about it, is that fair?

P. S. I already told her I like her a long time ago but she has feelings for her ex and she's best friends with him so we remained friends.

Thoughts? Opinions? Thanks!

Questions around here don't get answered anymored, what's the point of asking? :(


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  • Why would you push her to drop a class? Is she failing or if she isn't why would you push that? And it could be after that conversation you lost out on her being interested in you so she may just talk to you like a normal classmate.

    • xDD.. I didn't ask her to dropout of a class, I asked to drop her in class (as in, walk with her to her class (which was about a mile away at another institute).

  • She doesn't like you and you are creeping her out. When, on the second conversation, she denied you walking her to class its because she doesn't like you in that way and was trying to put you down gently. Now you're texting non-stop and she's taking ages to reply because she's creeped out.

    • Okay, but I've stopped. Then why is she trying to start it again?

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    • We're already friends, kinda. We help each other out with studies, etc.

    • I didn't read it that way. The whole "you could have helped me by staying behind" just seems like a "your my friend, you could've stayed to help me quickly with this maths stuff"

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