Facebook message not seen, but sent. She is online. Ignored?

So, I hooked up with this girl, and since that day we tend to talk more. But she lost her phone recently, so I had to talk to her through Facebook. It's almost being a month, but due to implications in schedules, I couldn't get to see her, or take her to a date. Last Sunday was her birthday, so I asked her the night before if she is free. But she replied me the next morning, that she'll talk to me later. During her birthday, I greeted her through Facebook, and as well, asked her hopefully I get to see her soon. It's been almost 24 hours but she hasn't seen it yet but I see her online.

Is she ignoring me? And how should I treat this? Wait until her response, or I should start up a conversation?

P. s. She seems to playing hard to get. And she would say she would let me know when she is free but she doesn't. And if she is ignoring me, this would be the first time.


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  • Yes she is ignoring you and I wouldn't waste my time on her because she doesn't want to spend some time with you.

    • It's confusing tho. First week, she would say things she wants to go to the movies, wanna see me more often... etc. If she didn't say such thing, I would just look at it just as a hook up. Is it clear now that she played games with me?

    • Yes she is just playing games

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