Should I meet this guy I matched on tinder?

We matched like 4 months ago and been talking on the phone and messaging back and forth since then. He lived 8 hours from me but recently moved back to his home country (USA).

Last week he told me that he's planning on visiting my country to spend time with me. He said sometime around January or February. Then i said i can get a free room at this resort in this island that we both wants to visit but only until December. The resort used yo be my dads but him and his friends recently sold it.

Anyway the problem is my parents have just cut back my allowance to only $1000/month due to their financial condition. I cannot save money cause i also have bills to pay and i have pets to feed.

do you think i should just tell him to postpone his trip or tell him to cone?

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If you voted for him to come can you guys help me with the financial issues that im facing right now?

I missed type my allowance its $1500. Every month i have to spend at least $500 for my pets, i only have $1000 left for car fuel and hanging out with friends.


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  • Yeah! Give it a shot

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