Mixed feelings from my crush?

So I have been talking to this girl I really like for awhile now. Last Thursday I asked her if she wanted to see a movie on Sunday and she said maybe but then told me she had something going on with her mom on Sunday so I asked if Friday after school was better and she said no but she would let me know a day that would work. Later we were talking about it and I told her she could have just said no and I wouldn't have been offended and she said she wanted to see a movie but just as friends. Ever since then she has been acting really flirty and stuff but other times she just randomly starts only giving one word answers sand being cold. My friend said that my crush came up to her and was saying how she felt bad about saying no and not knowing what to do. Then later, my friend, told me that after I said hi to her, my crush came up and was all nosey wanting to know what I was talking to her about and stuff. Does she like me or doesn't she? If she does what should I do? I really like this girl but she's confusing the crap out of me /:


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