Girls, your knowledge greatly needed?

There's a girl I like, but because some of her friends hated me, we drifted apart. We made out a few times, but nothing really serious. I'm leaving the States for a couple years, and I'm going out with her tonight more as a goodbye than anything else. I won't have any time for girls while I'm abroad, so this is probably my last time I'll be able to take a girl out for a really long time. Naturally, because I'll be down for the count for a long time, I would love to do some stuff with her. Not sex, but I'd love to make out with her one more time. It's been a few weeks since we've spoken. I haven't seen her in a month or two.

Will she understand the situation I am in? We haven't spoken in a few weeks... I am incredibly shallow and a douche for asking this? I feel like my situation is legit. And I really like her, but can I show her that somehow, without her thinking I just want to hook up with her?

Help me out please!


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