Should I move on?

Long story short. Me and this girl have had an amazing relationship. Never anything too serious but on and off dating. She's gone off to college but we still talk 4-5 times a week between texting or whatever. She keeps communication going by texting me first if it's been a little while. Which I take as a good sign. Lately she's just been a little flaky and more distant. I REALLY like this girl. But she won't match my effort to try and see eachother. She just talks about doing it. a lot. I told her basically it's up to her. I would love to get together as much as possible. And when she has time I will always find a way to make it happen. So you could say the balls in her court. Was this the right choice? Do I wait to see if she truly is interested and tries setting something up? And if not just move on?


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  • Talk to her


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