Would you start a relationship with someone just after finding out they're really sick?

not necessarily terminal. maybe they'll just end up really weak. or would that make the difference, whether they might die in the near future (next few years), or whether or not they would need to be taken care of.

Inspired by a misunderstanding from @applefan1 on my last question. ;p

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wow! I'm genuinely surprised by the lack of responses to this question. :/


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  • I couldn't do it. It would hurt to much seeing a partner weak or suffering.
    I've lost a ex but wasn't with her through her last cpl years. So sad.
    I feel for the guy she was with who had to live through that.
    I couldn't start something knowing but if I was with someone that got ill I would be there for them 110%


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  • If I could see myself in a relationship with them if they didn't have that disability then I'd start a relationship with them


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  • I think the problem was you misunderstood what I was trying to say. I was just trying to say that I would not date a girl that is lazy but if she was sick I believe I would start a relationship with the girl. I would take care of her.


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