My sister is crazy?

She is 29 and has never moved out, she still lives with us. She has always been a tid bit... crazy? Growing up she was very negative, selfish, mean, aggresive, yelling, cursing and generally depressive person. Everything needed to be about her. Her behavior changed around lets say 25 , she became more understanding but still crazy, she hast worked in 7 years, she doesn't have friends, she doesn't socialize and she hates our hometown, she hates everyone, she sits in her room all day believing she will hear the voice of God telling her a plan to go America or that God will heal her. She praises Jesus all the day long with songs, she wears old clothes and doesn't pay rent, wears a black hat everytime she goes outside, old black shoes, cuts herself away from old childhood pictures. What kind of personality disorder does she suffer from? My mom enables her.


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  • She's sounds like she belongs in a mental hospital


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