Why do girls my age give me a hard time about dating younger girls when younger girls are the only ones who are into me?

I'm a 22 yo guy, and I mostly date girls who are 4-5 years younger that me. Most of my female friends give me a hard time for doing this. I get the usual jokes about being a cradle robber and pedophile, etc, even though I don't date girls who are younger than the age of consent.

What I really don't get is that they give me a hard time for this, but teen girls are really the only ones who are interested in dating me. I am a young-looking guy, so maybe girls my age don't think I'm old enough for them. Either way, they're not into me, not at all. So what am I supposed to do, not date? It feels like a Catch-22. Girls my own age are into guys who are 27 and 28, but they'll criticize me for dating who I can get. Why should I have to wait around for approval from 22 yo girls when attractive 18 year-olds want to be with me?


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  • Im 19 and my boyfriend is 22. I think it's kinda normal as long as it's legal. I've always been told girls mature faster than guys so it seems normal that a girl would go for an older guy