I can't figure why my girl will kis me but not make out... ever?

Been together for over a year. Things were truly amazing. Then all of a sudden it stopped... everything stopped. No good night, no make out sessions even during sex. No hugs hand holding allll gone. I tried to talk about it and she just got mad. Said she's not a big kisser... which was bs. We had multiple quick and long making out on a daily basis. It's been going on for a few months now. Not be able to romantically kiss the woman I love is really hurting. And making me second guess "us". Could use some feed back.

I would really appreciate a woman's perspective as well


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  • It's strange that you say it stopped all of a sudden. It's usually a gradual thing that can happen when you get used to each other. Whar do you mean by all of a sudden?

    • We had an unbelievable sex life. Lots of other forms of intamacy all the time sometimes just in passing. Then boom... next to no sex life. I have to really try even for a hug which is only a quick one. Always get a 2 sec hug then I wanna sit or need a coffee gotta pee kind of reason to stop it. Get asked why do you want a kiss so bad.
      I come home from work the first thing I do is say hi and give her a kiss. Can't anymore. It just stopped.

    • But I can see the love in her eyes still. Can feel it radiating off her but she just keeps pushing me away.

    • she's used to me so she won't kiss me or hold my hand... if that's the cause I pity every cpl

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  • Every time a woman has acted less affectionate towards me, she has been getting ready to dump me. I'm not saying that's the case here, just my experience in the past.

    • That's my experience as well. There's a lot that was thrown at us the last few moths to much to explain... Could be stress. But the... love the feeling you get when you know it's there. Is still there. I can see it and feel it but that's it. Most is day to day hit and miss. I have said that to her. She the type that leaves you no choice but to be blunt and brutally honest.
      I have my 2 kids every second week and her daughter is 3.. she's always with us. So I've also thought of the... she has no place to go. And I make really good money... I have become a cheap as just to see if it's just the bank she wants.