How Do You Fix An Emotionally Broken Person?

I'm 25, and I like Asian girls. I'm Black and Hispanic, so I've always been at a disadvantage. Prior to this year, I've only been on one date amongst numerous rejections. I'm an introvert. In August I met an Asian girl on a dating site. We went out for coffee and hit it off. I asked her out on a second date. She said yes. I hugged her and left. Prior to that, I can't remember the last time that I hugged someone. For the second date, we went out for dinner and went to a jazz bar. We shared a plate for dinner. I was very nervous, so at the end of the date I explained that saying that I liked her and asked her out on a third date. She smiled, said thank you, and gave me a day that she was free. On the third date we walked and ate at a restaurant. The day of the date she said that she was only available for a couple of hours, but later apologized for that. The third date was better, but at this point even we hadn't kissed or held hands. At the end of the date I tried to kiss her. She giggled and asked if it made sense to take things slow, opting to not kiss me. I reluctantly agreed and hugged her after she agreed to a fourth date. I called her a couple of days later to schedule a fourth date. She said that she was busy that week but would let me know when she was free. A week later I asked her if she still wanted to go out and she said that she wanted to be friends. For the next 6 weeks I tried to repair the situation. I apologized for rushing her and she agreed to coffee, but said that it would be as friends a couple of days later. I asked her if she needed some time to think, and she took it. I gave her 3 weeks and asked her what she wanted to do, and she said that she still didn't feel anything so we parted ways. That devastated me. I've never put myself out there for anyone prior to this. I've isolated myself from my friends and have barely left the house in two months. How do you fix an emotionally broken person?


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  • How do you fix an emotionally broken person? You don't. Unless you are a trained professional, you don't fix an emotionally broken person; they fix themselves. As an adult, you have to be proactive and take care of your mind, body, and spirit. You have to take steps that will ensure a happy, peaceful future. It's a commitment one must make to themselves without expecting another to do it for them.

    However, the situation you described sounds more like she was not romantically interested in you. That happens sometimes and it's okay. Embrace the process, which involves rejection, that brings you together with beautiful people, amazing experiences, and enriching encounters.


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  • You get up dust yourself and start again with another girl. Build off your last relationship.


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  • You don't fix people, they have to decide to change themselves. You can emotionally support and encourage them while they do so but ultimately they are the only ones who can make that change. I do not suggest being in a relationship with and expecting to "fix" someone.


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