What makes a guy want to date a girl in college?

I have many close guy friends, although I am in no way "one of the guys" (I am extremely girly) but these guys all like me as a friend and enjoy spending time with me both one on one and in a group, and both sober and drunk. Many of them also tell me that I am pretty, although we are just friends and that is both of our choices.

On the other hand I also hook up with many guys, though I am not at all a slut (I'm a virgin actually). A large percentage of these guys I have also hoooked up with multiple times, though it is never a consistant thing where we text, it's more we run into eachother and it happens. Most of these guys I have met at least once before, and sometimes it is guys that I am friendly with previous to hooking up with. If I see any of these guys after hooking up almost always they will say "hi" at the very least, sometimes we will actually talk or hook up again or something. However, it is very rare that a guy will text me the next day, or want to make anything consistant or turn into dating.

So my question is in the hook up culture how does a girl get a guy to want to date him. As stated above guys like talking to me and hanging out with me. They also like doing physical things with me. However, in niether group is there anyone who wants to "take it to the next level" and I don't know how to change that.


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  • How do you hook-up if you're a virgin?

    • hook up pretty much means anything physical. From making out to sex and everything in-between.

    • Not to me it doesn't. I've never heard someone use it for something other than sex.

    • well you're five years older than me. thats the most common meaning for it in high school/college now. i mean some people only think of it meaning sex, but most don't.

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