Where will you be at financially at the age of 30?

-My income is projected to be at $84,000/yr @ age 30
-My investments will consist of $110,390. (These investments are built from stocks and build themselves) I'm contributing 20% of my annual income into those investments.)

No debt. My goal is to retire at 40 and by then I'll have at least $400,000 to invest and live off of passive income. When I say retirement I mean quit my day job but I still plan to spend my time in further investments like commercial real estate.

Does the future me sound wealthy? My goals were always to become a millionaire in my 30s but I don't think it's going to happen lol. Where will you all be at? Oh by the way this is assuming I don't have kids between now (22) and 30.


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  • Well someone's certainly feeling showy! Why not just go ahead and slap a sign on your forehead that says 'Stroke my ego'. ;p There is some information about the detailed logistics of my life that I do not share on the internet for privacy concerns. However I can assure you, I will be very well off. :)

    • Well I honestly didn't know where I stood. Where I live most people are incredible well off. I lived-in the poorer side of town but I rather compare myself to the average population

    • @Asker Ah, I see. I do have to commend you on how proactive and diligent you seem to be when it comes to your finances and investments! It's great to have a plan like this while you're young. Your financial map certainly sounds like a solid income but then again it also depends on what type of lifestyle you choose to have. Depending on the expenses you embrace, retiring by age 40 may not be realistic. :/

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  • At 30, I had a $71,000 a year job, a $200k house, and a car and a motorcycle. My only debt was the mortgage on that house.

    You sound like you know what you're doing, so you should be fine. You aren't super wealthy but you are better off than a lot of people aged 30.

    • Invesments will only give you a.09 annual return at best. It's shitty how the system works man. You can never really be rich unless you born into it. That or you have to be incredibly lucky.

    • The system is all about maintaining the status quo. In this day and age, simply having a home of your own and little or no debt by age 30 is something of an accomplishment.

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  • i might be around 40-45K a year around age 30?
    my goals are to just to stay out of debt & save enough to retire when i'm like 70 haha

    • Lol very modest

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    • Yea.

    • just realistic haha life is expensive & i won't be making much haha

  • I don't know.

    My salary would probably be anywhere between $40k - $70k per year.

    Lol, I don't think I will be wealthy (money wise).


    • iF you're pretty you'll be just fine. Being an ugly woman is like being a man.. you're going to have to work. #feminism

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    • smh, the amount of shade thrown in that comment @Asker

    • @Esplorare Lmao

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