Do you think he is scared or just is not interested?

Was talking to a guy 2 years ago. When we stopped talking he started hating me and spreading rumors about me. He also tried to get everyone else to hate me. This year I saw him at a party and we made up. He started talking to me again and and we would talk everyday. He only ever asked me to hang out when he was drunk though. We didn't hook up everytime we hung out though. He has never had a girlfriend before is very inexperienced (he doesn't get with girls). I started asking him questions like what his intentions were and if he even liked me or was just trying to hook up with someone. He would never give me a straight answer and then started talking to me less and then stopped talking to me at all. I asked him why he was mad and he said that he wasn't mad he just wants his space because he doesn't want a relationship at the moment. Everytime I see him out on the weekends when he is drunk he flirts with me and makes comments when I talk to other guys. Did I scare him away by coming on too strong? Or is he scared because he has never had a girlfriend before? Or was just using me to hook up and then stopped talking to me when he realized I wanted more?


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  • First I'm astounded you gave him the time of day after he tried to turn everyone against you out of pettiness. Ask yourself do you really like him as a person not just as a potential boyfriend. I don't and I haven't even met him. I think he has issues and it's best not to waste your time. Move on is all I can suggest

  • He just wanted an easy hook up and can't be bothered with your interest in more. No more bj's for him. K?