Okay to ask like this?

I'm friends with this girl we've hung out in groups. I want to ask her out but not in the group. Some one said text her asking. Would it be ok to say I've enjoyed knowing her and would like to take her out?


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  • Yes that would be ok

    • What's some signs she could like me or be flirting?

    • If she tries to be near you when you're in the group and you catch her staring at you

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  • It's fine texting her if you just wanna hang, but if you wanna ask her on a date, call her or find her in person.

    • I texted dr asking to go to lunch. I plan on asking her out. What should I say or how do I bring it up?

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    • Yes. Would it be ok to ask her out over text or no?

    • I would call her.

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