I don't really know this guy, since I met him in my BFF's neighborhood, do I just give him my kik through my friend and hope he doesn't call me weird?

He is super cute, and chill so he might take it.
He stares at me a lot.
He looks straight into my eyes like deep asf when he talks to me.
I'm cute asf so im sure he likes me... maybe?

  • He totally likes you, go for it!
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  • Sorry, that could mean anything. You're just like the others.
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  • HE LOVES YOU!! Torture him until he agrees to marry you.
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  • I have absolutely no idea what any of this means.
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  • Just because he stares at you doesn't mean he likes you and the fact that you state that you think your cute while its good you have confidence in yourself comes off as being too shallow and most normal people do not like shallow.

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