Do you like when guys use the word "date" the first time they ask you out one-on-one?

Hey ladies,

I was having this discussion with some friends, and I need the GaG community's help to figure out where the average lady might stand.

If a guy likes you, would you prefer he straight up ask you "would you like to go on a date with me this week?" or would you prefer something more vague, like "would you like to go out for [etc.] this week?"

Some girls seem to like assertiveness and clarity from the get-go, while others seem to be more confortable leaving things a little more ambiguous until they've had a chance to get to know the guy better. Where do you stand?

*I know the answer might differ depending on the guy and the situation, but we really need some conclusive data here, so there is no third option. Just go with whatever is true of you most frequently.*

  • Yes, I like when a man clearly labels it as a "date"
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  • No, I'd rather a man didn't use the word "date"
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  • Definitely yes. I'm really bad at reading signals because I don't like to just presume that a guy is interested. Calling it a date helps me avoid the agonizing conversation with myself of "well... I don't know if he just asked me out as friends... or a date? What if it's supposed to be a group thing? And he brings people and I don't because I thought it was a date?"

    It also stops me from trying not to be "creepy" if I'm interested but I'm sitting there still unsure if it's a date.

    etc. etc.


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  • Yes, I almost always prefer that. Then I know exactly what I'm getting into lol. It also shows you he's the assertive, straight-forward type, which is a plus.