[GaGs] What's your view on dating older women?

Hello everyone,
i need some opinions on this.
I met this woman two days ago, online. Sent a message, I gave her my number, she whatsapp-ed me on the next Monday afternoon, we chatted for 20 mins + via voice calling during that evening, she agreed to go on a date with me, on next week's wednesday? Sounds easy, effortless for me. by the way She is 1987', i'm 1992. Is it a drawback for a younger guy to date older women? Keep in mind that i'm still pre-graduating college student, if you want to have an expensive date, i can't afford to.

I need more women's opinions. TQ


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  • It may bring up issues but that is to be expected with an age gap. My partner is younger than me, at first it was odd because I've always gone for older men but now we've been together a while the difference is less apparent.

    • knowing that im still young, lack of life experiences. m thinking will i bore her if im a good listener?

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    • haha, i think shouldn't worry too much. Anyway, we're going to have a simple coffee and cake, haven't asked her whether she drinks alcohol or not, but myself doesn't drink it. If she wants to pay, i will let her do so, separate billed

    • Yeah, sorry but that one little comment would really wind me up! Ha!

      Just relax and have a nice time, if you don't click you don't click - you can't force these things.

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  • Though she's older it isn't a difference enough to qualify her a cougar. There's nothing wrong with it at all. I've dated several olders and cougars

    • Yeah, I think I'm confident to already ask her out, she agreed. The problem was, she told me she isn't that talkative thats she left her full time job as a teacher while we talking on the phone. Now, I'm not that talkative as well, since im still young, just afraid not to be able to say appropriate things (aka my cool experiences)

    • Go for it

    • Thanks, i think that fear is excessive before the date.

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