Why do guys choose a girl who lied to him over his friendship?

My best friend who just started dating this girl he meet at work. Well she was in a committed relationship before him and broke up with this guy after she meet my friend. Well come to find out she was still sleeping with her ex husband and my friend the girl told me and I told her she had to tell my friend that. I told him about and he knew something was up. When she told him she back track her story and told him I was lying and causing problems now I feel like he took her side over mine. When I ask him how she told him he told me after she left his house she texted him. When I ask him if he trust and forgives her he tells me one by at a time and that it's her word against mine. Dose that mean he believes her over me? Because I know deep down he does not trust her. I feel like our friendship is coming to an end because of what happened. Please help I feel like she is putting a wedge between him and I and I don't know what to do


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  • All you can do is tell him the truth and the rest is up to him


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