Girls, Wanting to talk to some girls for company and to gain experience, is this creepy?

So I am pretty social, but I really don't talk with girls as much as I want to. I'm not interested in LDR, more like a text pal (you know, like our grandparents had pen pals). I'm not fishing for pictures or anything, just wanting to text with some girls to make some friends and get some practice. It seems like there are probably lots of girls out there who would like this, I'm a good listener and am happy to talk about pretty much anything.

My question is, girls, does this sound creepy? I'm not a creepy person and am very respectful of a girls privacy, I'm wondering how this sounds to you. And of course if anyone on here likes the idea, feel free to PM me. Obviously I'm not looking to talk to a 40 year old (would still take your advice) but I'm pretty open minded other than that. Thanks in advance for the replies!

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  • I would defiantly help you out!
    It isn't creepy at all,

    • Thanks! Any ideas on how to find someone? I tried an online chat, but got 100% males...

    • Whoa, I don't know how I missed the first line, lol. I'll PM you if that's good.

    • I just realized that we were both anonymous and you can't PM an anonymous user, hence I went public. If you can, just click on my user name and send me a message @Nw5394

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