Should I text her again?

Around 6 - 8 months ago I used to text this girl I like from school. Eventually she stopped replying. She never seemed really interested by her answers and I guess it's also because I was really awkward in person with her, and that must have put her off. Time has passed, feelings have waned and I feel much more confortable talking to her now, and besides that, I believe she might like me as well. I often see her looking at me, sometimes her friends too, she started sitting close to me in class. She didn't use to be avaliable that much online, but now she seems to be there whenever I'm around, I also noticed that sometimes I go offline and she follows it.

Now, even though I'm less shy around her, I'm still very shy, and she is always with her friends: even when she sits close to me, all her friends are around her. I know some people do this in order to feel safer around their crushes, but I'm probably going to get really nervous if I end up having to talk to her in front of all her friends. This is why I'd prefer to text her until I feel more confortable around them.

Should I text her again (for now), or should I force myself to go in person?


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  • ''Force''? That indicates your incapability to talk to people.
    Don't think like that way. Just go up and talk to her, her friends. Flirt around
    Don't text her anymore, you have been blown up multiple times before

  • Text her and ask if she wants to go out on a date or coffee sometime, that way you guys have a one on one conversation without her/your friends are around.