What makes a girl intimidating?

My friends always tell me the reason i can't get a boyfriend is cause im very intimidating. I don't know why they feel intimidated cause I'm just being myself.


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  • Maybe it's because you talk loudly and are very outgoing? Guys may feel like they can't approach you. Hard to tell without knowing you.

    • I talk pretty loud sometimes when im out with a lot of people

    • Shy women can be easier to approach and get a word in with.

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  • List of women who I wouldn't mess with even with Secret Service protection.
    Ellen Ripley of the Aliens.
    Ronda Rousey of... IRL.
    Sarah Connor of the Terminator.

    That dere badass cheekbones and RBF combo = I need Arnold.

  • 1) she's really attractive
    2) she's got a resting bitch face
    3) she's got closed off body language

    All of those equals intimidating

    • Im not all three of those but yet everyone keeps telling me im intimidating

    • You have to be at least one of those. If not your friends lied to you

    • Im not really attractive, i dont have a resting bitch face cause I've been told i look like a good girl (until they get to know the real me). Maybe I sometimes have a closed off body language but only sometimes

  • Being stand off ish

  • i have the same issue girls seem to be afraid of me

    • That's normal, in my case im a girl so its kind of weird

    • no its not i went from one extreme to the next first i was fat ugly and repulsive now im lean muscular and scary

  • Negative body language - holding your arms across your chest, posture is arrow-straight never smiling, never making eye contact (but not like you're shy), ignoring people, having a history of hard-line opinions that put a certain segment of the population down and which is known by a lot of people (not referring to racism, BTW), argumentative (even if you're right all the time), disdaining things that average people like, or putting down all sports, all music, etc., not being interested in others' problems or life, giving flip/sarcastic answers or being condescending, there could be a lot more reasons.

    • OH, and being too damn pretty people are afraid to interact.

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    • I live in the capital city of my country

    • OK then the social scene has to change, the clubs you go to, etc. Perhaps you already have friends that can get you introduced into a higher-income social circle. I think some of this is your barrier to entry, but not sure how much without knowing more, not that you need to share that.

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