Should I take this girl on a mud run date?

Old friend from high school. We rekindled again. Had the opportunity to hook up with her but was too much of a pansy and didn't see the signs. I think I turned her off a little made a couple mistakes. I want to do it again.. Mudrun coming up near by and and I was thinking I could invite her. Would that be a fun date? Wasn't going to make it an 'official' date but rather just text her a pic of the mud run flyer and ask if she's down. Prly a snap.


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  • OMG DO IT! take her, but but butttt... this time u really need to take it slow. u need to be careful or else she might not give u another chance.

    • But I had the opportunity to hook up before and i didn't take it lol take it slow?

    • yeah but if u just hook up like it makes u look so trashy. at least enjoy the damn day and take ur time before u rush into anything.
      -.- is taking time not cool anymore or what?

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  • seems like a fine idea. just text her instead.


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  • Only if you know she would like to do something like that. I personally would hate it.


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