My (secretly ex-) friend/crush from hs might have feelings for me but I'm not entirely sure about my feelings [I can elaborate on details if needed]?

Fr/yr of hs a guy befriends me but it wasn't until soph/yr that we got close. I thought I liked him & gave him hints over texts. He figured it out, but it was obvious he was unsure b/c his texts were delayed. Finally he tells me now isn't a good time (so maybe bad timing?) The next day it turns out he has a girlfriend & we continue being friends, even her. They break up, I wait. We slowly drift apart & still nothing. Jr/yr He has a crush on another girl who less him on but doesn't like him like that. She graduates. Sr/yr 2 of our classmates die so our class year comes closer to grieve, we somewhat rekindle our friendship, then he goes out w/another girl (I'm friends w/her too) they break up. End of the yr a love triangle involving 2 of my friends & him ends w/ him having a new girlfriend. After graduation I go to a 4 yr university intown until I dropped out this year & stayed @ home being stupidly depressed/antisocial/unproductive (existential crisis not b/c of this lol). He started a band w/a friend of mine & goes to a local community college. I start resenting him/his bands success & delete his fb, insta, and # only liking his bands fb for my friend. Then his on/off girlfriend joins the navy & ships to Cali so they break up (she has a new boyfriend now). I reinstate my kik & he texts me out of nowhere saying he was just thinking about me/misses me/we should hang out soon. Then I get invited to my friend's Halloween party (who's in the band w/him). I show up late & he's already a bit drunk. Throughout the whole party he's kissing my forehead/cheeks &hugging me (he used to do this in hs too[+act like he was going to kiss me but then pulled away]) THEN he kissed my lips like twice & I don't kiss him back (I was alittle in shock & had never been kissed before). Before I left he was saying how much he loved/missed me & I pretended not to hear. I feel like he's just leading me on again


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  • He was drunk. You can't judge his actions