Are your parents okay with you dating outside your race?

The question says it all.

What about if his (or her) parents are okay with it but you can't tell your parents because you know they won't be (especially if they're immigrants and want you to retain your culture)?

Please share your stories! Especially those who vote no or it depends. Are they okay with you having friends of a different race? What races are considered "safe"?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • No, my parents wouldn't care, because they are an interracial couple themselves. My dad is full Haitian and was born in Haiti, my mom is full Mexican and was born in Mexico. It is actually very possible to retain your culture, when your dating outside of your race, our house is always filled with Mexican food and Haitian food. My dad always listens to music in creole and he also listens to Spanish music. The same thing with my mom. And I'm proud to be associated with both sides, the Haitian and the Mexican side :]. So I'm just saying once again that it is possible to retain you culture, and even learn and be a part of a different culture.

    My parent are actually quite fine with whatever race I am attract4ed to, just as long they don't have their pants hanging off their behindsss lol

    • I'm Haitian, too! Was your family affected by the earthquake? Is everyone ok?

    • Thank goodness my family is doing fine, how about yours? thanks for asking!

    • Same. Thank God.

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What Guys Said 1

  • My parents probably would be but my girlfriend's father doesn't approve of me because he thinks I'm Jewish for some reason.

    • Even though you're not? That sounds like something that could easily be cleared up though.

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    • That's hilarious. If you want I'll go over there in full Heeb dress and vouch that you are goy .... or I can bribe him for you with my Jew gold I wear around my neck if the first option doesn't work

    • Lol. Parents are ridiculous.

What Girls Said 5

  • I'm black and I have friends of all races. I've got black friends, white, friends, middle eastern friends, hispanic friends, mixed friends, pretty much everything. My last boyfriend was asian and my parents only issues with him were how he was as a person and nothing had nothing to do with him as a person. They know that I'm more attracted to white guys than black guys and they don't really care. My dad wasn't exactly thrilled but it's not something he stays up at night worrying about.

  • yes my family has no problems at all.

  • I'm sure my parents would be fine with it. I'm biracial and adopted. My sister is Chinese and adopted. Then I have two other blonde haired blue eyed sisters so I don't think they would care if I dated someone that wasn't biracial like me.

  • I don't think it started out as a race thing, but my boyfriend's dad is a complete tool that happens to be Hispanic. My mom says men like that take their sons to whores to teach them what to do in bed, and my boyfriend will be a bald, greasy, sleazy bum by the time he's 30. She's convinced that every time he talks to a girl he's cheating on me, and he's full of STDs we haven't discovered yet. We've been dating secretly for 4 years now.

    • I'm white as can be, he's a mix of a few south american countries.

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    • Lol Yeah, even if we're a little young, and never seriously. More like I don't think I'd want to marry anyone else kind of talks. We'd wait until we at least live together, though (I'm just starting college, so my family still has a lot of say).

    • I understand. I wish you the best of luck with that. =)

  • my step dad is a raisist, even though me and my mom are puerto rican. but yes my boyfriend is white and my parents love him. but if I loved someone who wasn't my race I wouldn't care what my parents say.

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