Do you think super attractive girls get the best guys?

not necessarily the best looking guys, but guys who make for the best boyfriends overall. do you think super attractive girls generaly get the best ones?


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  • No, super attractive girls get the best looking boyfriends, irrespective of whether these guys are best 'overall' or not.

    • thats what you think eh? well thanks for you opinion

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    • ESPECIALLY since the overall great guy you described still has above average looks.

    • I can relate, but the thing is... unless you are a super attractive guy yourself, it's almost impossible to be in a relationship with super attractive girls. So most guys would never understand your point of view.

      One possible exception maybe when the guy has wagonloads of cash to compensate for his lack of killer looks. That's the reason whenever a couple consists of a really attractive girl and an average or above average guy, the guy is usually loaded with cash.

      Of course, there are always exceptions. But in general... personality means nothing without looks. Looks are like movie tickets, and personality is like the movie itself. No matter how good the movie (personality) is, only people who have tickets (looks) are allowed access to the movie.

      Sad but true.

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