Dating why is it hmm?

dating why is it hmm? so dating when your younger your all excited about meeting new people. hopefully someone great comes out of it. but as time passes and you get older the more people you date and the amount of drama that comes with it. you just don't feel that excited anymore. but once was joyfull and exciting. now is boring and nothing to me. anyone else feel like this?


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  • You get used to it.
    It's like new clothes (new clothes excites me, don't know about you)- you get excited at the beginning thinking of how great you look and what a wonderful new chapter you've started in your life wearing them, and then a few days later "should I wear this? nah"

    • Yeah you get used to it. but not having that someone in your life. it just never fills that empty void. it's like something's missing. quite sad actually

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  • That is because our dating pool reduces significantly as we age. We don't get to date as many people as before, but on the upside, the ones we do date tend to be more mature and sensible!