My girlfriend is always making me feel like I am not enough for her?

She always needs to have another guy around. Even if she barley knows who the guy is, she says she's too used to having a guy friend. But it kinda hurts because she's barley spending time with me. She also said there are things she feels more comfortable with telling a guy friend then me too. She also isn't a very loving or sexual person so besides the fact that she says she loves me she treats me and her male friends the same... On top of that she checks out other guys. Am I just being too jealous in feeling like this is all unfair?

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  • Voted A. For heaven's sake, break up with her before your self esteem takes a further hit. You deserve better, and she's simply fooling around. She is not ready to be in a loving, committed relationship yet, probably because she is immature, or for some other reason.


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  • Sounds unfair as hell to me, man. You're not getting anything that any of the other guys she's giving attention to isn't getting. That wouldn't make anyone feel very special... and you're in a relationship, which is just makes it a thousand times worse

  • This sounds like a loveless relationship...

    I would break up and move on if I were you.

  • That's not cool of her, but, if you try to take it up with her, she'll just overreact saying you're just jealous. She wants you to commit to her, propose or even have a kid. She's trying to get a commitment out of you