Just had second date, kind of long?

Since our 1st date, he has been acting on and off online, but he does work mon-fri real early so I know he gets tired and didn’t make plans for 2nd date until Friday and just had our 2nd date last night.

He got me from work since I don’t have a license; we went to the mall to see a movie and dinner. Dinner went better then the 1st date laughed and talked a lot, wandered the mall some and that was still great. While watching the movie, I sat closer to him then before so our arms touched and I poked him 4 times and he poked me back 2 times, just for fun. When we got to my place, he asked if I still wanted to hang out or not, I said if he wanted to since my dad might have still been up but told him that my dad liked him. He met my dad on 1st date to get directions. Showed him some games and movies I had but he was tired so he left, I wanted to tell him I really liked him a lot and possibly kiss him but my dad was there but I did hug him when he left.

Now, like I said we talked very well, laughed a lot. We started teasing each other like when I was looking at some car radios at best buy he said ‘u need a car for that’ we laughed and I said ‘shush u’. I was wearing a low cut top but had a tank top under it so it wasn’t too much, but I did bend over to him sometimes so he must have had a good view I guess. Weird thing is that I noticed him checking me out when I had my hoody on, why not when I had it off but then again I may not have noticed. He also walked slowly at times, but I know he had some family things on his mind that made him mad but we had a lot of fun. It just seemed to start to get weird at the end of when we were at my place, I live in my room so we where there with my Xbox and I know he finds me attractive with the whole checking me out part. Just wish he would tell me or give me some sign that he wants to be more than just friends, but I think he is shy and possibly taking things slow, what do you guys think?

He did say one of my co workers was kind of staring at him which he didn’t really like, had to look away so that’s somewhat proof of him being shy I guess, and I’m 23 and he’s 25.


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  • Initiate more touching and hand holding. Sounds like he is a bit shy.


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