Guys, do I ask him what was up?

I was talking to a guy I'm talking to on the phone last night. In the middle of the convo he said "Oh shoot, I gotta do something. Can I call you right back?" I said "sure." I sent him a sexy text while he was gone, and then after 30 minutes told him I was going to bed soon so the window to talk was closing. I didn't hear back from him. It's kind of weird. Do I send him a text and ask him if everything is alright, or just want until he gets in contact with me again? I'm pretty annoyed bc I waited up 30 minutes past my bedtime (when I had work early the next morning) for him to call back since we were in the middle of a conversation.


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  • don't text him. Don't call him. Wait. Be angry with him. He will write or call you again. Don't answer die first call or the first text. Wait at least 3 days.

    • Be angry? Why? There is no reason to be angry. It was annoying, but that's all.

    • just to pretend... He is a man and if you're too easy to get than he will loose the interest in you... ;)

    • Pretend I'm mad? That's bull. I'm not going to cause drama where there is none.

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  • Sure, what're you waiting for?

    • I don't want to annoying him by texting him and being like "why didn't you call back?"