Was he referring to the girl?

So there's a guy that has liked this girl for 4 years and has feelings for her. They are both in college and want to become lawyers. He wants to pursue her badly but can't because he wants to remain focused on school. She also isn't looking bc of school. The girl knew that he liked her bc of the way he acts around her/ body language. When he found out that she liked him back he was very happy. He fins her very distracting and thinks about her all the time and really wants to pursue her. He is the proactive type. However they can't do anything about it yet bc of school. Once he posted "I can't wait to unleash my full potential..." Was he referring to pursuing her?


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  • Many, many people balance going to school and having relationships. Using school as a reason to not be involved sounds like someone is being very dedicated but I think it is usually a sign that someone is too afraid to try.

    His comment is ambiguous. He could be referring to his professional ambitions or he could be referring to you. You should jump in and give it a try now. If you are both dedicated students, you should have no problem with agreeing to limiting the time that you spend together.

  • That's just plain idiotic, why would you not be with someone if you both like each other and don't give me the whole law school bullshit excuse, I'm in med school and work/focus just as much if not more (I do have friends in law school) as you guys yet still find time to date and see women I'm interested in. I also have so many friends that are in med school and law school that are in relationships or dating. Stop lying to yourself or making excuses about why you too aren't together. The real reason nothing has developed is because you're both GIANT chickens. Think of life as a train track, one rail is your career/business life and the other is your social life, a train needs both tracks to finish equally at the same pace to actually function and be most efficient at finishing the track quickly. Focusing on one track at a time gets you nowhere and just costs you valuable time.


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