What does it mean if a guy sends you selfies?

So I've been texting with this guy for the past month. Things were going okay, but he told me he would see me last weekend and it didn't happen. Sunday he said he would see me for sure, but then he told me he was feeling sick. I'm pretty sure he was telling the truth, but I don't know he could have been lying.

Well anyways, since then my interest has kind of decreased. I haven't really initiated any conversations with him anymore, and I'm sure he can tell that my interest has gone down because my responses are short and dry now. Well for the past two mornings he has been initiating conversations with me and then he ends up sending me a selfie of him at work. For the whole time that we have been talking we have never exchanged pictures. What does that mean? Is he trying to get my attention again or something? He will send one, and then he won't really talk to me for the rest of the day. This guy is very hard to read. He is an Aquarius, so I'm sure that explains it lol.


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