Is this considered a trauma to a young girl?

I was diagnosed with scoliosis from an early age 4 years old, my mom was thankfully sharp enough to realise my backbone wasn't straight. I went to the hospital untill i was 11 years old and i heard it went worse and had to go through a ROUGH treatment. I had to wear a brace untill i was pratically grown out, night and day, being a young active girl it was absolutely horrible for me to hear that, and scary, your young about to go to highschool, learn how to make friends, have boyfriends, develop a strong sense of self, which i never had, i never had that social development and it SET me back, i was naive, young, depressed and perfect candidate for brainwashing by my older sister (she was a cult believer who was very mean and negative and controlling),

she fed me all these lies (horrible lies but she is crazy so for her its the truth), i went through a deep depression and never had the development i was supposed to have, the treatment lasted 5 whole years and after that... i was practilly traumatized and life meant nothing to me. At 21 i realized i should want to live, i got myself out of debt, almost have my degree, went back to school, picked up jobs, hobbies and realized how MUCH i missed out on life.

Im 23 and still live with my mother but my crazy sister also lives with us she is 28 by the way and NUTJOB. My mom enables her and yes im moving out soon no worries, i should have done it earlier but i chose money over my peace of mind. I still have a hard time trusting anyone and trusting anybody with my body, how can i get over this? sometimes i feel like i suffer from ptsd always on edge, aggresive, irritated, depressed, and sometimes no emotions.


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  • Yes, your sister bullied you and like you said brainwashed you. I'm sorry this happened to you but hopefully you can move out and one day put it past you

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