Is this a good sign?

A guy I'm talking to has recently started opening up and sharing more of his problems/thoughts with me. The other day he even told me he could use a hug and asked me if I could talk. Is this a good sign when a guy starts doing this?


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  • It is. Probably.

    • Can you elaborate? :)

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    • America :) well make the system work for you!

    • ... please... stop now that I have a good opinion about you.

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  • Of course. It generally is a sign he's feeling or wanting to feel close to you.

    • Well that's good, i think maybe it's bc I keep encouraging and comforting him. He's going through a stressful time.

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  • Ah that emotional connection thing. He's reading one of those " how to get into her pants in 15 days" crap.

    • Nope, bc we've already done stuff and I've asked.

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