Help out with my crush?

I'm friends with this girl. We've hung out in groups and today I took her to lunch. I offered to pay and won but she keeps trying to pay. I chicken out asking her out because she said a guy invited her into a group thing and told everyone it was a date when she doesn't like him. Would it be ok texting her asking if she was looking or not? She said she always gives Adobe but she she's single. I thought about texting her saying I'm interested in this girl but don't know how to ask her out. And then say something about if she's interested or looking. Kind of hint around like that. Would that be ok?


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  • Awww you're cute. You could play it off like that... maybe start off by asking her for dating advice and see what she says. Then say, I want to ask this girl out, but i'm kind of nervous because I don't want her to say no. See how she responds. Based of that, I think you'll know what to do. Good luck!

    • Well. We went to lunch together today. I payed and she tried giving me money. I didn't take it. But I can't tell if she interested more then friends or not. We talked about how both of give advice to friends on relationships but both of us are single. She said she's also been asked out twice this week but turned them down.

    • Did she say why she turned them down? Maybe ask if she has a crush on someone at the moment

    • No, she didn't say. That would have been good to ask. I need to some how hint around to see.

  • Talk to her

    • We've hung out in groups and I took her to lunch. I just can't tell signs that she's flirting or interested in me. We are friends but I don't want the friend zone.

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    • What's the best way to?

      What signs could she show that show interest?

    • Come out clear with the truth, or flirting might work.

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