Attracted to a friend and slept with him.. is he into me?

I have been friends with a guy for 16 years. We've always kind of had a feeling between the two of us but the timing just was always off. Either he was with someone or I was or he wasn't living where I am and so on. A couple of years ago we saw eachother after many years of absense in eachothers lives and there's definitely been a spark since. FINALLY the two of us are in the same city, and single.
When he moved back home, he sent me some very sweet texts about how he was so glad to have me in his life. Then we made plans to hang out, which he forgot about. Since then he has reached out and we made some more plans that just fell through for one reason or another. When we're in a room together it's a whole other story. This past weekend we went out with friends. I ended up driving him home and we had sex. We cuddled all night and I slept at his place. Things the next day weren't awkward, we spent the whole day at our mutal friend's house watching tv and joking around.
The thing is, we haven't discussed it. It was pretty good, at least I thought so! We connect, and have known eachother forever. I like him, and he told me that he likes me (this was before the sex)
He is shy, and awkward. Kind of always has been. I know other girls that have been in flirtations with him and it was super hard because they always had to initiate. I don't like feeling like I am doing all the work, and I also know that guys get turned off by women being agressive like that. I texted him last night that I had fun and we should hang out again. He said me too and let's make it happen. How do I know that he's actually into me? How do I get him to start the conversations?


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  • He's interested in your body