Should I be worried over my girlfriend sharing a house with 5 men?

she says they treat her like a little sister but im not sure

thanks for the help , all of you, i apppreciate it


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  • Can somebody say gangbang?
    Nah just kidding. I'm sure it's fine. Have some faith and put some trust in her. If she does ya dirty, leave her

    • Thank you for MH

    • thanks for giving me a really helpful answer

    • More than happy to😊

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  • if I trust my girlfriend. then I trust my girlfriend.

    I think you need to trust my girlfriend... what do you think she's going to be some sort of sex slave to 5 guys? passed around like a dinner plate?

    • no I don't, its just she dated one of them, and I got hurt a lot so I have a hard time trusting people , especially in a relationship

    • well the fact that she dated one of them is the closest thing to an issue. I understand your position. I've been hurt in relationships before as well. if you trust your girlfriend then you have to let this happen, but of course don't be naïve and ignore potential red flags

  • Not gonna lie, I wouldn't be cool about it at all. At least ONE of those dudes is whacking off to her lowkey. They share showers so they seeing her with nothing but a towel on, accidental boob/butt grazing when walking by, the thought of one of the guys saying to me: "Dude she sleeps like a baby man she's so cute" :) <- smug grin
    Boooyyy lol It's gonna go down man...

    • I've had male roommates and never walked around the house in a towel

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    • well she has dated one of them before I met her

    • Hell naw I definitely wouldn't be down for that

  • I would be suspicious...

  • What do you think is going to happen? Either you trust her or you don't.

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