I have no idea what to get my boyfriend for Christmas! Help?

I have no idea what to get my boyfriend for christmas!
By Christmas we'll have been together 9 months and I want to get him something he'll love. He's always really thoughtfull and says he already knows part of what he's getting me, knowing him it won't be cheap either since he loves expensive stuff which is part of my problem since im a poor Uni student!
Any ideas on what I can get him?

He's very into sports particularly football, he likes video games too although i have no idea which ones
We're both 18


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  • Something homemade will be cheap and still an amazing gift, you could always offer to spice things up in the bedroom for him too. Without knowing more about him it is hard to say what he will like.

    • I'm totally up for giving him something handmade since im a pretty crafty person i just don't know what? He's pretty into sports and video games

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    • can't go wrong with a giant gummy worm.

    • haha i guess you cant!

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  • Get him a fleshlight.

    • A what?

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    • I'm sorry I meant an Xbox One with Halo 5; Guardians.

    • haha sure

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