ASAP He said we can't date, but want us to be whatever I want?

We're long distance and we can't date because of that according to him, but we're both in love with each other. I want to give it a try and date him, but he apparently doesn't want it. Yet he keeps asking me what do i want, because he "wants us to be what I want". What should I do?


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  • How can you date if you are long distance?
    I think what he means is you can call that relationship whatever you want, as long as it stays online. Maybe he wants to keep his options open in the real world?

    • So... it would be somewhat "cheating" right?

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    • He just told me he won't date any other girls bc he chooses me over them... but he doesn't think we can say we're dating as he can't take me out or have sex and other things

    • He won't date other girls until one comes along. I really have a hard time believing he won't take his chance with a girl who falls on his lap. Same for you. If a guy you like comes to you and he is really great, will you keep texting with your guy or will you choose the flesh and blood one?
      Forget the idea of being exclusive, it won't work that way. If you accept that, you can still be there for each other throughout both's "real" relationship.

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  • I'm just going out on a limb here but you can't date cos of the long distance. But he wants to keep you around even though really it will never go anywhere. So are you sending him nudes or sex skyping? I really don't see why else he would. It sounds to me he likes the company online only and if you're not already sending him intimate photos he's probably hanging around for them then he'll disappear and find someone in his real life maybe already has someone. I think you should find someone real too


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  • He isn't in love with you. If he was he'd want to be together

    • Why would he lie though if he can fuck me?

    • can't*

    • He told you he doesn't want to date or be in a relationship. If he loved you he would be

  • You're both in love, he doesn't want to date, but you can be whatever you want, doesn't sound like he's just talking shit at all!

    • What should I do?

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    • Yes. He probably enjoys the ego massage.

    • I agree I think it's best to move on and that he is probably trying to say what you want to hear but once he finds someone who lives close to him he will probably stop talking to you

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