Why did my girlfriend do this to me and would you girls do the same? What can be done?

Me and my girlfriend are in the same class on Tuesday and always sit beside each other. We got into an argument last night and she said i need to make more time for her, then i told her i'm too busy but i try best and so on and so on.

So today she goes sit with other guys? wtf is that about? After class i wanted to talk to her but she said "well like you tell me 'i'm too busy, can't talk'". This made me mad. I told her on the phone i didn't like that then she told me, to spend more time with her or i won't have her anymore. I got a bit bad and hung up the phone.

Why did my girlfriend do this to me and would you girls do the same? Is spending time such a big deal? isn't 2 times a week ok?


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  • It sounds like your girlfriend feels neglected, and she's feeling pushed out, I think she sat next to other guys because, she wanted to show you, you're missing, and there's guys out there willing to spend time we're her and make an effort, but to answer you're question, every woman is different, some need more from the guy than others.

    • I never felt that mad befoe with her. i'am a nice guy and all but she really made me feel mad. I guess now i get it that she feels this way. We have been dating for 8 months and my first relationship. This semester is tough for me and i need time to study. I hang with her Friday and Sunday for 4 hours a day. I have not taken her out for a date for 2 months now. You think that is also the reason?\

      Also should she say sorry for doing that or should i call her tomorrow and say sorry?

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  • She is mad and hurt so she was trying to make you feel the way she feels when you don't hang out with her. Call her and apologize

    • she actually made me feel really mad in our relationship, i never felt this mad before. LIke her being with 5 friken guys in the back row made me mad. She should say sorry! or am i wrong?

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    • Whoops sorry I meant to write been instead of bern but alas my auto correct has a mind of its own.
      I am in college and I know how hard it can be to juggle a relationship. School takes up a lot of time.
      I do think she is lonely without you and a date would be great for both of you but she needs to understand that school and studying is important. She should enjoy the moments she has with you including In class. Maybe you should both have another talk about this and I mean an actual conversation not an argument.

    • She has a lighter schedule than me. I love her, i really do. I mean i can do 1 more day with her (to hangout) but that is it. She said other things like, she feels i forgot about her cause i dont text her often or call her. I mean i guess i'am to blame a bit :/ i'll be the bigger person and say sorry. We will have an actual talk

  • I think you're a troll.
    And if you're not, then you're an ignorant, neglectant dick.

  • wth nooooooo, dude , girl needs attention from their significant other, why do u have a girlfriend then, shed be better off with just being you re friends since u have "no time"

    • isn't 2 times a week enough? Also she made me super bad whens he sat with the guys. She should say sorry! or should i? (i think she should but i want to know how you feel on it)

  • She wants space


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