I have a Facebook crush whom I don't know and I don't know what to do. Helpz mez?

Soo, i don't know the girl in real life, I added her a couple of months, maybe a year or so, before. Recently, I've been seeing her pics on Facebook and Instagram and I think she's really cute. I don't know what to do... How can I introduce myself or anything? More details: Only bad thing is that she's 3 years younger (no, I'm not a pedo) and we don't have any mutal acquaintances. I'm not shy or anything like that, just stupid. I don't think this is relevant, but I don't drink, do drugs, I'm a straight A student and I don't have an ass-face. She's 14, I'm 17. I'm not interested in sex if you were implying on anything of that nature... So yeah, any ideas? xD


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  • She's actually a 42 year old man.

    • Actually no, I know she exists xD

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